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   Since 2005 we have been serving the valley with the best in knowledge and service for your racer and weekend warriors alike. We have a combined 45 plus years experience between our staff.  We have been doing off road and motocross settings for some of the top riders in the country. For 9 years Jonny worked for the Factory Kawasaki off road race team with two of the best off road racers in the country/world!

   The Ride Shop was opened late 2017 and is your one stop suspension service shop. We are the choice of the Factory One Sherco race team.  We have also started producing our own parts (the Ride Shop hard parts) such as our unbreakable brake pedal tip and our EZ bleed fork bleeders.



1027 east Johnson rd. New River AZ, 85087

(602) 617-1032

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