These Fox shock reservoir caps replace the stock style that uses a needle to fill with nitrogen. The stock caps are known to leak causing cavitation in the shock as well as a leaking main shock shaft seal. These caps are very easy to replace. They can be done on the car without having to remove your shocks. These will fit all of the fox shocks that come on Textron, Can Am, Honda Talon, Polaris


1. More consistent feel do to larger nitrogen volume

2. No more leaks at the nitrogen fill port

3. Uses a standard shreider valve for nitrogen fill

4. Very clean design protects the shreider valve from damage and potential leaks

5. Very easy install, can be done on the car in 20 minutes for all 4

6. The price is for 2 caps. You will need to order 2 sets for the front and back.


Fox shocks UTV no leak reservoir cap

black: Black
silver: silver