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   When Husabergs were introduced in 2013 with the WP 4cs fork, it was the start of many bad years to come for people who chose to ride these bikes as well as Ktm motorcycles that followed suit in 2014 and on till the 2017 model years till they finally did away with them. 

    The Conversion: Rather than "fix" the 4cs fork which has been proven impossible, we eliminate it. We have designed a very simple, clean conversion part that allows you to drop in a late model Yamaha YZ cartridge into your stock WP fork tubes. With this conversion you retain the use of your stock front wheel and brake assembly. You can purchase the conversion parts alone, which will have to be installed only by an experienced suspension tech, or you can have us do the complete conversion for you with a re-valve to have them custom tailored to your ability, terrain, bike and weight. 



1027 east Johnson rd. New River AZ, 85087

(602) 617-1032

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